Our Neurodiversity Lesson Plans Mission

Promote Self-Esteem

Through engaging lessons, students are taught that neurodiversity also comes along with strengths that are highly valuable to our society. Role models (famous and non-famous in the community) are an important piece of learning about how neurodiversity contributes to our communities. Every person, at every age, should feel valued and needed.

Boost Acceptance & Respect for Others

Understanding comes from learning about the strengths and weaknesses that come from different brain wiring. Teachers will find that lessons encourage student interaction and dialogue that creates respect among all brain types and learning styles. 

Support Equality & Inclusivity

Neurodiversity plays a fundamental role in the entire picture of humanity. It is as diverse as the different plant species in the forest, and each variation has a vital role that creates balance. Multiple modality lessons create ways of involving all types of minds in all types of environments.